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 BluePhoenix New Media Arts is a team that combines originality designs, creativities, techniques and implements. We are skilled in applying present media and technologies within art performances, integrating various cross-field art genres, and carving brand-new artistic creativities; resulting in surprising and amazing works again and again. Just like the way of reveling the innate quality in the story LOiseau Bleuwritten by Maurice Maetrlinck. In order to transmit the aesthetichappinessforward to people, we address ourselves to the perfect integration in art and technology together with our poetic imagination.

Our members’ professional specialties include visual art, museum exhibition, interactive installation, video and audio multimedia, computer games and animation. By far, our portfolio covers a wide rage of genres: creative demonstration space, new media art, public art planning, stage art, and other multiple overall designs. 

Anything about BluePhoenix or this blog, please contact:

Tel: 886-2-2791-5011

Fax: 886-2-2791-5018



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  2. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  3. 可惜.波之舞這麼美麗.卻從未看過有打開.



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