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Bubble ScreenBubbleBubble

· November 22nd, 2006 by Lene Mailund

Bubble Screen is an organic 3D display system created at BetaTank by Daniel Kupfer and Eyal Burstein. The system utilizes water bubbles to create images and text. The display consists of a large water tank with a row of boxes with holes in them placed on the bottom. Using a water pump system it is possible to control the size and speed of the water bubbles coming out of the holes and thereby utilize the bubbles as pixels or moving LEDs.

The biggest challenge for the designers has been to overcome the problem of “drafting”. “Drafting” takes place when the first bubble experiences too much friction, and the second bubble (the one directly following the first bubble) catches up with the first one and thereby ruins the image. Beta-tank has used a highly viscous liquid similar to shampoo in order to solve this problem and obtain a workable refresh rate.

Check out the video.

Via we-make-money-not-art.


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